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The National Drug and Alcohol Screening Association seeks to be a global voice for the drug and alcohol testing industry and we are pleased to welcome a growing number of international members to the association.




NDASA actively supports employer rights to drug-free workplaces in the United States and abroad and is committed to partnering with organizations across the world to develop internationally recognized standards of excellence for the drug and alcohol testing industry.

We seek out opportunities to learn from the experiences of industry experts outside the United States and build on the many commonalities in our mission of maintaining safe workplaces and communities!

International Partnership Committee

The National Drug and Alcohol Screening Association established the International Partnerships Committee to coordinate the association’s important relationships with the international drug and alcohol testing community. The committee assists in developing international drug and alcohol testing standards, in coordination with existing internationally recognized and established standards. It also ensures that our international members, partners and allies are represented in NDASA policy and initiatives.

International Partnerships

NDASA Chairman James Greer presenting at the International Forum for Drug & Alcohol Testing (IFDAT) in Salzburg, Austria, September 2022. 

International Partnerships

International Partnerships

International Membership

There are many great advantages of becoming an international member of NDASA which include:

  • Access to industry updates and information from our news page
  • Access to a verified list of International Medical Review Officers to assist in interpreting results from international partner testing networks
  • Access to U.S. and internationally accredited drug testing partners to increase your network and assist with any client needs
  • The addition of an international voice to your company


While each international location has its own drug testing standards and nuances, being part of a member-driven association that can give you a global voice and reach is invaluable. 

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