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Registered Professional Collector Training

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Registered Professional Collector Training

This is the equivalent of classroom training but the instructor teaches the class live and on-line.
Students register, login and receive instruction from an NDASA approved National Trainer. Mock-collections will be demonstrated by the student and monitored by the instructor.

NDASA Drug Test Collector Training provides thorough preparation for professional drug test collectors that includes and exceeds all of the required elements for federal programs and covers the delineation between regulated and non-regulated protocols.


NDASA sets the national standard with practices set by industry experts, regulatory bodies, and extensive data from national performance metrices. This training course fits beginners and experienced collectors alike, and ensures the highest performance standards, adding measurable value to your business through the enhancement of expertise.

Completing the training allows you to begin, resume, or improve your drug test collection business and to become a Registered Collections Professional in our National Registry. This course is one of the methods required to receive NDASA certification, qualifying you for USDOT and non-regulated drug testing.

Training is conducted in 2 parts
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Non Member Price $449.00
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All classes are 10 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Central Standard Time **”Length of training depends upon student experience and knowledge of the subject matter.”

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Registered Professional Collector Training

FAQ- How to renew your Collector Training Certificate?

In-house training: perform your own training

You perform the training and use the NDASA mock-collection checklist. Once completed, you sign and certify the checklists, submit the materials to NDASA for verification and receive the NDASA Certification.

Use on-line training from one of our partners

Follow the links to register with our online training partner and successfully complete each module. Perform video monitored mock-collection from a trainer and receive NDASA Certification.

Hire an NDASA Instructor to come to you

The NDASA Instructor comes to your facility and conducts live in person training. NDASA instructor performs the mock collections and upon successful completion receive the NDASA Certification.