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National Drug and Alcohol Screening Association

Standing Committees

The success of our Association and the ability to serve our members is greatly enhanced by the participation of our members and serving on various NDASA Committees.

Committee Membership is open to all levels and categories of membership and each committee is chaired by a member appointed by the NDASA Chairman for a term of 1 year.  Committee meetings are generally held each Quarter by teleconference with an in-person Committee meeting held at the annual conference.  The following is a list of current standing and ad hoc Committees.  All members are encouraged to participate in Committee Membership and should you wish to be a member of one or more committees, please contact NDASA by phone or the following email address:

Membership Development Committee (Standing)

This committee is responsible for membership recruitment, membership benefits and the promotion of NDASA through membership campaigns, membership collateral, speaking engagements and all other responsibilities related to NDASA Membership on both the National and International levels.

Governmental Affairs Committee (Standing)

This Committee is responsible for the coordination of NDASA advocacy on behalf of our members on the Local, State and Federal level.  Membership Advocacy representation includes State Legislative Initiatives and representation before the Executive and Legislative Branches of the US Government.  The Governmental Affairs Committee is also responsible for informing the NDASA Membership of all Federal Legislation and Regulatory Policies including DOT rules and regulations which may affect the Association’s Membership and the Nation’s Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry.  This Committee also coordinates the annual Advocacy Day held in Washington D.C. and works closely with the Association’s Lobbying Firm to ensure that NDASA has a seat at the table when issues affecting our Membership and Industry are discussed or considered.

Marketing Committee (Standing)

Marketing Committee – Creation and oversight of the processes by which we refine, expand and promote the NDASA brand across all sectors of the drug and alcohol testing industry, to include non-traditional markets.

Training & Certification Committee (Standing)

This Committee is responsible for the development and curriculum content for all Association Training Materials and Certification Programs, including Specimen Collector Training and Certification, Alcohol Testing Technician training and certification, DER Training, Corporate and Individual Good Practices Certification, “Train the Trainer” Accreditation and other industry related certifications or educational programs.  This Committee is responsible for revising training programs as required and developing new training programs to benefit the Nation’s Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry as needed.

International Partnership Committee (Standing)

This Committee is responsible for the coordination of NDASA’s important relationships with the international community and other associations and groups providing drug and alcohol testing outside of the United States. The committee will assist in developing international drug and alcohol testing standards, in coordination of existing internationally recognized and established standards and ensuring that the international community is represented in all NDASA policy and initiatives. The committee intends to be a reference and recognized resource around the globe, promoting and participating in conferences and seminars.

Communications Committee (Standing)

Assists with creating innovative and effective member communications across all media platforms regarding NDASA programs, events, actions and activities.

Executive Committee (Standing)

The Association’s Executive Committee is comprised of the Officers including the Chairman, the Chairman Elect, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Advisory Council Chairman and the State Affiliates Caucus Chairman.  The Executive Committee in conjunction with the NDASA Chairman, is responsible for the general supervision of all staff and provides general oversight of the Association including the implementation of all Board of Director decisions and ensuring that the Association is operating in accordance with its Governing Documents and Policies established by the Board of Directors.

Conference Planning Committee (Standing)

This Committee is responsible for the scheduling, agenda, structure and location of the annual NDASA Industry Conference.  Working with the Association’s staff and other industry partners, members of this committee play an important role in assuring that the annual conference is a success.

Ad Hoc Committees

From time to time, the NDASA Chairman or Board of Directors may appoint an Ad Hoc Committee to address a specific issue affecting our membership or the Nation’s Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry.  An Ad Hoc Committee is formed to deal with an issue or specific subject.  The ad hoc committee may be disbanded after submitting final report or completing its assigned duties.  Currently, NDASA has appointed the following Ad Hoc Committees:

National Opioid Crisis Epidemic

This committee addresses and coordinates a response from the drug and alcohol testing industry to the opioids crises in the U.S. with the hopes of creating educational resources for employers and communities that will create a collaborative effort for substance abuse prevention as well as appropriate interventions. The goal is to work in conjunction with Substance Abuse Professionals to encourage keeping people in recovery from past substance abuse healthy and working as productive members of the community.

Employer Workplace Testing Rights (Ad Hoc)

DOT Regulatory Requirements (Ad Hoc)

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