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National Drug & Alcohol Screening Association

Application for State Affiliate Designation


The NDASA Affiliate may be an Organization, Company or active Association Member who agrees to represent NDASA in the State in which they are designated.  State Affiliates are responsible for providing local and State information relating to drug and alcohol testing issues and communicating NDASA information throughout the designated State. State Affiliates may from time to time appear in person or by written communication before Government Agencies and industry organizations, provide media interviews and promote NDASA Membership and programs throughout the designated State.  A State Affiliate is the eyes and ears of NDASA in a particular State.

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Promote NDASA Membership and Programs
  2. Encourage attendance at NDASA Conferences & Round Table discussions
  3. Serve as an advocate for NDASA positions and provide information between NDASA and State industry stakeholders
  4. Attend the NDASA Annual Conference and State Affiliate Caucus Meetings
  5. Serve on a minimum of one NDASA Committee
  6. Provide consultation and advice on State specific industry matters
  7. Maintain NDASA membership in good standing at all times while designated the State NDASA Affiliate
  8. Assist in the scheduling and coordination of NDASA meetings to be held in the designated State
  9. Submit at least one story/blog for publication annually
  10. Provide NDASA training classes in designated States in conjunction with NDASA policies (optional)

** upon receipt of your State Affiliate application, the NDASA Board of Directors, upon the recommendation of the Chairman, shall consider your application and you will be notified within 30 days upon submission if you have been selected as the official NDASA State Affiliate.

Please note, State Affiliate designations have a term of 2 years and may be renewed at the discretion of the NDASA Board of Directors.

Thank you for your interest in becoming an NDASA State Affiliate

State Affiliate Application