Who is Fighting for Your Business Rights?

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By Phil Dubois, Workplace Screening Intelligence

Did you know NDASA has a Membership PAC?  PAC is the abbreviation for Political Action Committee and having one gives NDASA members a greater say in legislation that directly impacts the drug and alcohol screening industry.

Typically, industry membership organizations rely on relationships with federal agencies to help them navigate the rules more easily once a law is written by Congress. Those relationships are critical to protecting the businesses they represent and NDASA is always working on strengthening our relationships with the federal agencies that regulate our industry. But this work focuses on rules and laws that are already in place.

NDASA’s PAC allows us to have a seat at the table to affect laws before they are written. 

How does the PAC specifically benefit me? Let’s face it – the threat of Marijuana acceptance by politicians and employers is the biggest hurdle facing us today. The leading cannabis advocacy group, NORML, has done an outstanding job of spreading their propaganda and delivering the message that Marijuana use is normal and should be legalized. NDASA’s PAC promotes the employer’s right to a drug-free workplace, drug-free and safe communities, the elimination of the nation’s opioid epidemic, the enhancement of training for drug and alcohol testing providers. We are pushing to have NDASA included in national drug and alcohol policy discussions.

Who will the PAC support?  Any candidate who supports NDASA’s mission statement on issues that impact our industry directly. Candidates are not selected based on political party or ideology.

Has the PAC supported any candidates to date?  Yes, NDASA has proudly teamed-up with the American Trucking Associations to support the following:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell:  $5,000

Senator Susan Collins:  $1,500

House Candidate Rick Crawford:  $1,000

House Candidate Bruce Westermann:  $1,000

House Candidate Chuck Fleischmann:  $1,000

How do I support the NDASA PAC?  Look out for your personal invitation from NDASA or contact Jo McGuire, NDASA Executive Director at jomcguire@ndasa.com , or Jim Greer, NDASA Chairman at chairman@ndasa.com.