September 14, 2023

From the Executive Director’s desk


Our “WHY”

The heart and soul of NDASA has always been: taking the time to remember WHY we do what we do every day and inspiring our members to do the same. That may look different for you than it does for me or for our industry colleagues. 

For many of our members, the loss of a loved one as a result of substance use (whether theirs or someone else’s) has been a driving force. For others, it is their own sobriety

that motivates them to give back by contributing to community safety. More still, are those of us who are affected daily by the substance abuse of a loved one – or – live in gratitude for the gift of their sobriety which pushes us to help others find their way. 

Regardless of the seed that sprouted in your heart and grows your passion for safety, wellness, sobriety, health, compliance – or whatever brings you JOY in this industry – stopping to remember your values and center your priorities is what will get you through the tough days. It will help you stay strong during the rough collections, the slow times, the difficult economy, the late-night post-accident calls, the non-stop schedule, the donor that tries to cheat the test, the late results and frustrating staffing issues. You do this for a reason. You are making the world a safer place. 

Why am I choosing to remind you of this today? Well, one reason is because we truly care about you and what you do and are here to support you in your important work. Another reason is that we have some new members who may find themselves a bit surprised about how HARD our work can be and what it takes to build their drug testing business. We are not an “instant success” industry. Rather, our work is built through relationship development, trust earning, obtaining a clear understanding of the rules and regulations, learning everything there is to know about the industry and the flat-out HARD work of proving your worth to the client by not failing them. It takes patience, fortitude and commitment to obtain success and longevity, which is what we at NDASA want for you and why we feel it is so important to walk through your journey with you.  

So, here is to your success! May it be driven by what truly matters, which is your heart. And thank you for letting us inspire, equip and encourage you along the way.  

To find the MANY ways in which we offer our support, please frequent and and join us in shaping the future through committee engagement by reaching out to  

Let’s change the world together! 

Proud to Serve You,  

Jo McGuire 

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