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Drug Testing Industry Professionals

Model Standing Order for Drug Testing of DOT-Regulated Employees

Under the DOT’s oral fluid final rule, DOT says employers must tell collection sites what kind of testing methodology to use (oral fluid versus urine), recommending that employers have a […]


Is your MFR Ready?

A reminder to drug and alcohol screening businesses, collectors, TPAs and other involved in drug screening: If you conduct U.S. Department of Transportation mandated testing, the 2017 federal Custody and […]


Meet The Institute for Behavior and Health

The Institute for Behavior and Health, Inc., is a nonprofit organization based in Rockville, Md., that develops strategies to reduce drug use. President Robert L. DuPont, M.D., was the lead […]


Marijuana & CBD Resources

Laws protecting off-duty use of marijuana don’t mean you have to stop testing for it!

By Buzzkill Labs Although state lawmakers approved Assembly Bill 2188 more than a year ago, there is still a lack of clarity about what it means for employers in California. […]


Staying Current: To Test or Not To Test in California and Washington

|by Bill Current This article was written by Bill Current of the Current Consulting Group (CCG) on behalf of Premier Biotech for publication by NDASA. For further information about the […]


Managing marijuana use in the workplace: What’s at stake for employers

By Keith Ward, Vice President and General Manager of Employer Solutions at Quest Diagnostics. A recently published peer-reviewed study generated headlines with the finding that cannabis users were 22% more likely to […]


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