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Our Federal PAC

We promote and support candidates for federal offices who align with and support our priorities, goals, positions and objectives.

Recipients of our support demonstrate that they are committed to working with NDASA

Ready to help?

We aim to promote, protect and strengthen:

  • Employers’ rights to own and operate a drug-free workplace.
  • Citizens’ rights to live in drug-free, safe communities.
  • Laws and public policies that prevent and reduce illegal drug use and eliminate the United States’ opioid epidemic.
  • Publicly funded efforts to enhance training for drug and alcohol testing providers.

The NDASA Federal Political Action Committee does not choose to support candidates based on their political party or ideology. We back candidates only because they care and advocate for the issues that are important to our association and members. 

Our PAC may solicit and receive contributions from only individual NDASA members and from the employees of an NDASA member who present written approval to receive our solicitations and make a contribution.

Contribution limits

Federal law restricts the amount of money any single contributor can give to a federal PAC. In any year, a single contributor is permitted to give up to $5,000. Other restrictions on federal PAC contributions include:

  • No acceptance of contributions from corporations
  • No acceptance of contributions from foreign nationals
  • Limits on cash contributions to an aggregate of $100
  • Limits on anonymous contributions to $50.

Committee management

Five NDASA members appointed by the NDASA Chairman are charged with administering the PAC and with selecting candidates for our support each federal election cycle. NDASA pays administrative fees to manage the PAC.