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NDASA is pleased to be able to offer a series of mentorship programs designed to help members access peers and get the help and advice they need to strengthen their business.

The National Drug & Alcohol Screening Association (NDASA) offers member-to-member mentorship programs.

NDASA mentoring mission is to develop mentoring programs that are based on industry best practices and standards. Our aim is to help our NDASA members improve individual and business performance, provide industry guidance and recommend strategic industry methods that are focused on achieving optimum personal and business excellence.

The purpose of the NDASA Mentoring committee is to provide our members an avenue that allows them to achieve a higher level of business success through a mentorship community. By offering access to committee members that include industry subject matter experts and tenured business owners and operators, NDASA members will have a committee dedicated to being a partner and offering resources that supports their needs individually. Our objectives will align with the committee’s values and strive to IMPACT our members positively.

Inspire and promote professional growth, compliance expertise and operational efficiencies
Mentors and Mentees building trusted relationships
Positively impacting communities, personal and business growth, membership, and industry
Assist in increasing membership and retention
Create a deeper organizational understanding while enhancing an environment to share knowledge, information, perspectives
Training and developing industry members, employees, and peers to strengthen our industry position

Members can also become an NDASA Mentor and help your fellow members! Join the Mentorship committee to learn more about becoming a Mentor.

Mentorship Program For Specimen Collectors

Whether you’re new to the industry and just getting started, or you’ve been at this for a while, growing a successful collections business has its challenges. Why go it alone? The Specimen Collector’s Ultimate Guide will help you and your business to achieve new levels of success while guiding you to stay on task and up-to-date. Many business leaders within the drug and alcohol testing industry have achieved business success and are a wealth of knowledge and information. NDASA mentors offer practical advice as you continue to grow both your business, yourself, and your staff over time. Invest in you and your business, sign up for Mentoring hours and purchase the Ultimate Guide today! For more information on our services, click the button below to register. 

Are you interested in becoming an NDASA Mentor Volunteer? We’d love to add you to the growing list of NDASA Mentors!