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Preferred Provider Program

NDASA is committed to providing added value through exclusive discounts on products and services offered to our membership through our Preferred Provider Program.

How can we help?

 Any organization, company or manufacturer that wishes to make their products and services available to the NDASA Membership has the opportunity to become an NDASA Preferred Provider. Program participants benefit from extensive branding, marketing to our membership.

Program Requirements

  • Participants must maintain a current NDASA Membership
  • Provider must have a minimum of two years of relevant experience in their industry
  • Provider must provide all NDASA Members an exclusive offer not available elsewhere
  • Send completed submission form with required attachments, payment and required informational materials:
    1. High Resolution logo
    2. Link to company website and/or NDASA member program page
    3. 100-word ad for podcast
  • Annual Preferred Provider Program fee of $999
  • Complete and return Ethics Statement Agreement

Program Benefits

  • Logo and link on the NDASA website. Preferred Provider’s company description and logo will be included on the Preferred Provider Program webpage and a link will be included to either an individual program page hosted on the NDASA website or to the Preferred Provider’s website outlining what it means to be an NDASA preferred provider. Note that if linked to the Preferred Provider’s website, the linked page must be specific to the NDASA program.
  • Wednesday Member Minute announcements and links. Upon launch, the affinity program will be announced in the next issue of the weekly Member Minute email. The Preferred Provider Program will be mentioned in each Wednesday email with a link to the NDASA Preferred Provider Program page.
  • Annual announcement of Preferred Provider Program to NDASA email list every January.
  • Featured article in the quarterly NDASA NewVoice newsletter. Preferred Provider Program members may provide one feature article per year. If Preferred Provider does not provide an article, staff will include the program description. The issue will be determined by staff.
  • Preferred Provider presentation opportunity. Preferred Providers are offered the chance to present a 30-minute webinar about their specific area of expertise.
  • Ten podcast sponsorship ads. Preferred Providers will receive ten advertising spots in the NDASA Member’s Memo podcast. Ad spots will be determined by staff.
  • Special designation at annual conference and trade show. Participants will be given Preferred Provider ribbons and will be designated as such in the mobile app.
  • One-page marketing piece distributed at the annual conference and trade show. Preferred Provider one-pager to be provided by participant and will be placed in attendees conference materials tote bag.

To join NDASA’s Preferred Provider program, fill out the Preferred Provider Submission Form and return it to jomcguire@ndasa.com.