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National Drug and Alcohol Screening Association

State Affiliate Caucus

As many States throughout the Nation enact legislation which affects employers, drug testing providers, substance abuse treatment programs and public safety services, it is important that NDASA is kept apprised of any issues which may originate on the State level and that our membership is informed of legislation or local ordinances that may impact the drug and alcohol testing industry.

Therefore, to ensure that NDASA is well informed regarding State issues, the Association has established the State Affiliate Caucus.  This group is represented by a Company, Organization or Individual from each State and is designated as the NDASA State Affiliate.  The State Affiliate is responsible for advising the NDASA on any issues relating to their specific State and representing NDASA as needed in the State in which they are designated as the State Affiliate.

At the Annual Conference each year, a meeting is held for all State Affiliate Representatives to inform and discuss any State related issues which may impact the Nations’ Drug and Alcohol Testing industry.

Any person, company or organization which wishes to serve as a State Affiliate, should click button below or submit a request to

State Affiliate Responsibilities