Dan DiThomas

Dan DiThomas

Board Member

Dan DiThomas serves as chief development officer for RecoveryTrek/Proof, a technology solutions provider and third-party administrator who has been leading the way for more than a decade, by offering industry-leading solutions in conjunction with a full range of products and services related to managing successful substance abuse recovery programs. PROOF ™, a patented, self-administered, testing system, is and innovative solution to the challenge of maintaining an effective drug and alcohol testing program, by providing remote, fully observed, video-recorded collections from start to finish 24/7/365, regardless of where participants live.

Before joining RecoveryTrek, Dan was the VP, of Channels & Product at Rymedi. Rymedi’s Connected Health Platform digitizes and automates patient registration, test administration, public health reporting, and patient notification. The streamlined process was designed to improve patients’ experience by reducing testing times and accelerating their access to test results. Rymedi’s privacy-by-design platform is built on blockchain to maintain stringent security, HIPAA/GDPR compliance, and the highest level of privacy. The Connected Health Platform enabled mass testing with speed, ease, and minimal staff.  As co-founder of i3screen, Dan was the driving force behind many of the premier partnerships and commercial relationships at i3Screen, bringing more than two decades of experience in healthcare, employment screening and product development to his work helping to guide the portfolio of i3Screen solutions that made screening management easier for CRAs, Third Party administrators, and Medical Review Officers (MROs).

Dan has worked with numerous industry sectors and with many of the nation’s best-known companies such as Albertsons, Kroger, Bayer, Target, Home Depot, Comcast, Southwest, and Verizon. Earlier in his career, Dan held senior management positions that merged operations, marketing, product management and business development, which included growing market share, installing sales support, and managing new product development for the $70 million occupational screening division at ChoicePoint and teaching musculoskeletal service line management to hospitals and medical centers as regional director with the Human Motion Institute.

Dan's Statement of Purpose

The drug and alcohol screening industry is currently at a crossroads and faces many threats, obstacles and challenges. First, is the continued marijuana legalization efforts across the country and proposed efforts at the Federal level to fully deschedule marijuana. My 33 years of industry experience working for both small and large corporations afford me a unique perspective of where we've come from to where we are today related to drug free workplaces and the push towards impairment and recent use testing. Having held a wide array of positions from being a sample collector, operations director, product manager, client & vendor relations director to senior management and officer of a company has allowed me to interact with all levels of employees at small, medium, large, and Fortune 100 companies. My positions have given me the opportunity to work with all types of vendors and clients in the drug and alcohol testing industry, and provide a broad perspective on what the industry is looking for. My experiences and perspectives allow me to offer a creative voice to the Board of Directors ensuring that the decisions we make are relative to all types of members