Glenn Dobson

Glenn Dobson

Board Member

Glenn Dobson has vast experience in drug-related industries. For more than 15 years, he served as a police officer in New Zealand, where he dealt with the negative effects of drugs on a daily basis. In this capacity, he oversaw numerous internal police and community groups tasked with dealing with drug-related issues. After the Police, Glenn served in government agencies, including in the national office of the coroner. In this position, he was a member of several groups that tackled numerous issues, including drug use. He also went on to work in local government where he led a team tasked with assisting community and non-government organizations address crime and injury issues in the city. In his most current roles, Glenn has been an integral part of The Drug Detection Agency (TDDA) team since 2013. In that time he has held executive roles focussed on building the integrity of the workplace drug testing industry across Australasia and has spoken at numerous local and global industry groups. In 2023 Glenn was appointed as the group CEO for TDDA.

Glenn's Statement of Purpose

It’s been an absolute pleasure to serve as part of the NDASA Board for the last few years and I would welcome the ability to continue in this capacity. In my time with the NDASA Board, I have been an active representative on the NDASA International Committee. In this capacity, I have assisted with the content and build of the newly refreshed international page on the NDASA website. I have also previously worked with the NDASA Executive Director to create a geographically specific online training program for conflict management protocols within the workplace drug testing environment.

I am dedicated to growing the international arm of NDASA to have a truly global membership community linked through the common purpose of a consistent and robust workplace drug testing industry. I see that NDASA has a unique opportunity to achieve this goal and I am keen to continue driving towards this. My management and governance background, in law enforcement, government departments and within the workplace drug testing industry provides me with a unique set of experiences and skills that I would like to continue providing as part of the NDASA.