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2024 NDASA Advocacy Day

NDASA’s 2024 Advocacy Day was a success beyond all expectations, with more than two dozen meetings held in our nation's capital and a common commitment to protecting the safety of our workplaces and communities during an era of fast-changing drug laws. Nearly 40 NDASA...

Investing in Your Employees: The Role of EAP Programs

By Ruth Bowdish, MSPsy, LICDC, CEAP, SAP In a manufacturing facility in northeast Ohio, a husband and father of four walks the floors of a plant he spends more time at than his own home.He knows where he’s going, he knows each step it takes to get to his station, and...

FMCSA Scam Alert

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has issued a warning to FMCSA-registered entities of a phishing scam disguised as notice of a required safety audit. Through an email, scammers pretending to be from FMCSA say a safety audit needs to be...

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Buyer Beware: CBD, THC and Drug Testing

Buyer Beware: CBD, THC and Drug Testing

Is CBD medicine or isn’t it? Is it safe? Can it impact a drug test result? Cannabis has been the focus of considerable debate, advocacy, and policy, generating both interest and misinformation. There is a great deal of uncertainty about cannabis and cannabinoid...